Is My Child Ready for Secondary School?

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Embarking on the journey from primary to secondary school marks a pivotal moment, brimming with a blend of excitement and uncertainty that resonates with both children and parents. In this insightful piece, Susan Sawarkar, our esteemed Head of Secondary Pastoral Care at Middleton International School Tampines, guides us through crucial aspects to navigate this transitional phase seamlessly. Let's delve into her expertise and discover key insights that pave the way for a successful transition.


Taking Charge
As your child enters secondary school, he or she will need to develop a growing sense of independence and be proactive. Can they manage their time effectively, complete projects and homework on time, and remember important dates? These tasks are extremely important in secondary school. 

Navigating New Connections
Secondary school has a larger mix of people, allowing your child to make new friends and navigate various emotions. Have open conversations about their experiences to help them understand and manage their feelings. 


Academic Confidence
A good foundation in primary school subjects, like maths and language arts, sets the stage for success in secondary school. While the workload may increase a bit, a comfortable grasp of these subjects indicates preparedness for the academic journey ahead. 


EtonHouse_Middleton_Selctd-1-52Igniting Curiosity
Is your child buzzing with enthusiasm about the upcoming secondary school adventure? Their curiosity to explore new subjects and engage in various activities is a positive sign of readiness for the exciting challenges ahead. 


Team Effort in Readiness
Getting ready for secondary school is a team effort. Parents, teachers, and students work together for a smooth transition. Stay in touch with teachers, explore class details, and actively participate in any introductory sessions for a more seamless experience. 

In simple terms, getting ready for secondary school means taking on responsibility, understanding emotions, having a good academic foundation, staying curious, and getting support from the entire school community. If you have any concerns, talk to teachers or school staff. A successful start in secondary school is important. With everyone involved, your child will be ready for an exciting and fulfilling chapter in their academic adventure!


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